Monday, January 12, 2009

Elflog plus

The shelf has had some changes made, with someone clearing away some of the New Year's decorations. It's been simplified a bit. I like the fake red berries with the real pine cone and shells.
After suffering with PF of my left foot while in Paris, I'm now doing better (after that really painful shot a week ago) and have some new shoes. I saw a friend wearing these in patent leather and she recommended them highly. They look pretty crazy and I think I need some new socks to go with them, but they are really comfortable. Yay, Dansko!

These additional images were taken of holiday decorations. People seem to want the season to linger so lights are still up. It's nice to see them at night when I'm walking the dog (with only the cell phone to capture the glow.)

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Anke said...

HI Mim, glad to hear your foot is better. Cool looking shoes!!!!! Even better when they are comfi. I need some new ones soon too...looks like everytime I'm going to give birth I buy myself some new house shoes.....funny!
So the Elflog changed, that must be so exciting to see what's next on it or how it gets changed! Enjoy!
Smiles, Anke ;)