Sunday, January 25, 2009

Los Angeles

Here's an assortment of images from my L.A. trip. My sister and I made cupcakes for mom's first party. We were very pleased with the way we decorated them. I even used one as a prop to show off the tiny tree (friends' Maddy and Fil's Christmas card) which I'd had tucked into my card case. Mango, my sister's cat, was enjoying a siesta on my coat. The Victorian building is such an odd site in the San Fernando Valley, every time we go past it, I'm struck by the strangeness of it. I took this image of the palm trees as I waited to board the Flyaway bus from Van Nuys to LAX for my flight home. I enjoyed the warm weather (80 F - 28 C) and visiting with family, and seeing Mom be so happy with the attention she received on her birthday.

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