Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spencerian calligraphy

My tattoo is based on the Spencerian calligraphy by Michael Sull that my friend Amy found for me in a book about calligraphy. I simplified it from the original as you can see. About a month ago, a friend sent us a catalog that she thought I'd like to use for collage, but instead, we found this glass plate for sale and Chuck got it for me as a treat. How cool is this? No attribution to the image on the plate so we don't know if it's a Michael Sull or an old Spencerian design. In any case, I love having it.


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Jess said...

this is a great tattoo, i actually had the privilege of meeting Mike as he taught a Spencerian Script class where I used to work, you should look into it if you are ever in Kansas City, Paper Source offers his class to learn the basics.