Sunday, October 05, 2008

More OBX

The Outer Banks are a long sandy strip that follows along the coast of North Carolina. It's where the Wright brothers got their plane off the ground and started this whole flying business. It's also known for having lots of kitsch Pirate stuff, lots and lots of it, and salt water taffy. We couldn't leave with out stopping at a Forbes shop for our souvenir taffy. Eating some of it in the dark on the drive home, we couldn't tell one flavor from another...just very soft and sweet. The OBX marathon (which takes place next weekend) art competition was held at the Dare County Arts Council. This image shows last year's winner and on the wall, which doesn't show up well, is this year's winner (we were the judges.) The image will be on a tee shirt, the phone book, and a lot of other things for the 2009 OBX marathon. It was fun to do. We were happily surprised to see this Art-o-mat at the council though it was out of order at the moment. We were thinking about how many nice vacations we had on the OBX and how we need to remember that it's only a 3 1/2 hour drive from our house and we could go more often. Hmmm, a resolution for the new year.

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