Friday, March 28, 2008

A nice day....

Last Sunday, while Ryan was visiting, we took a walk over to Monument Avenue for the annual Easter Parade, which is not a parade but a BIG walk around. People and dogs, many in fancy hats, just walk down one side and up the other, with the median park area filled with booths and activities. It's a lot of fun. There are bands set up on porches, Morris Dancers in the street, jugglers, clowns, food, and in general a happy atmosphere. We liked this lawn decorated with fake eggs of all sizes and a fat bunny. Later, after our family headed back to New jersey, we stopped by our friends' house and they had made these cute cupcakes. Susan was happy to tell us that she'd used her new paper cutter, we thought on the coconut, but it was to make the duck napkin fit the tray. We had a laugh over that. Okay, so we laugh easily and at little things.

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