Monday, March 24, 2008

Elflog update.

The shelf was bare when I checked on Thursday of last week, but I looked at the pole and saw that someone had added some beads. Friday, Ryan came to spend a couple days in Richmond. He loves to walk Smitty with me and to check out the shelf. We made some Real Small Art to put on it. You can see him placing his little art work on a sunny afternoon. There's a closeup of our Real Small Art pieces.

On Saturday, we found a tiny truck in an alley and decided that it should go on the shelf, too. Later in the day, Ryan added the stone that I'd written on.

More to come in the on-going saga of the shelf.


Michael Dingler said...

Howdy Mim - I'm ReX of NoLA Rising in New Orleans. didn't know if you might want to collaborate on a project...seems like we'd be able to.

take a look...let me know

Tiffany Glass said...

I love the new Real Small Art postings by Ryan. The MashUp interview aired today:

Take Care, Tiffany