Friday, March 14, 2008

Elflog and Etsy

So the shelf has been pretty empty. It's been a year since it's been up and maybe it's run it's course? Could that be? I seem to be the only one putting anything on the shelf and those items disappear over night. This image shows one of my Real Small Art League pieces and a photo of school girls in Africa. Next day, gone! No one wants to play.

I got on a roll this morning and made some new tote bags. I'm really tickled by this checked and dotty one. the inside is polka dot, and it can be reversed. You can see the new bags on Fritzi.

My friend Irascible has opened her Etsy shop. Check it out. She's a very talented designer and I can't wait to see more of her stuff.

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Tiffany Glass said...

Hi Mim! Can I post the location of the Elflog on the Google Real Small Art Map? Is it OK to tell the world where it is? With the MashUp article and other press releases, it may get more "traffic" soon....?