Thursday, March 20, 2008

My new toy - Blythe

If you've looked at Fritzi, my Etsy shop, you've seen the hat and scarf sets I've made for the Blythe doll. It all started when someone asked me to make a hat for her doll. I had no idea what a Blythe was but once I saw it, I was, hmm, how shall I put it? Enchanted! I started looking for one and discovered that they are quite a niche item and the original ones, oh why didn't I buy one in 1972, are worth lots of money. I finally found one that appealed to me and ordered it. She arrived today, from Hong Kong. I can't wait to start knitting little clothes for it, I mean, her. Is she cute or what?! Oh, and her eyes change color and look in different directions.

1 comment:

JB said...

OMG - I love her - you have to name her. She is so cute - better not put her on the shelf though!