Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fritzi, my etsy shop news

I'm so excited about my Etsy shop, known as Fritzi.

My sister Eilene, sent me images of her beaded bag. Here's one of the photos. The bag is reversible so we've got lots of views of it on the shop site. She's working on a new one, but they take so long to hand bead, I don't know when we'll have another one to show.

The hat and scarf set are teeny! They're for a doll! Someone asked if I could make a hat for their Blythe doll, and after seeing the doll on-line, I was taken by it. I made several hats to the measurements I was given, met up with the doll (and her owner) at a coffee shop for a fitting, and voila...I'm a Blythe doll hat maker. Such fun. Now I want my own doll, to model for me.
Am I having fun, or what!? Gotta go make something....

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