Sunday, October 28, 2007

Art stuff

I spent most of yesterday morning, no, actually, ALL of yesterday morning, finishing up my Art-o-mat pieces so I could mail them off to Clark at Artists in Cellophane before we left for our trip. I stuffed all the boxes with shredded paper to give them some additional weight, making sure they'll drop down the machine without problems. There are 53 pieces in this box. Woo Hoo!!

I had sent a piece to the Mail Art show, We Are One Human Family, and found that my submission had been posted on-line. This project is in honor of Dr. MLK jr. There's still time to submit, if you're interested.

I posted a mail call on the Mail Art Projects blog yesterday. It's all about tea, for a show that will be in a tea shop here in Richmond. Check out the site to see details and also see all of the calls for entries. I'm planning on working on submissions to shows while I'm in residency with Chuck at the Cité again. I'm inspired! Now, to pack up all my supplies.

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