Monday, October 22, 2007

Elflog & more

On the 19th of Oct., a stone with the word "Peace" written on it, reappeared on the shelf. I'd placed it there on the 9th, which I know because I dated the stone. Where was it for 10 days? On Saturday, there was a tiny pink rose bud and a yellow flower, as well as an assortment of pebbles. I think that the smiley face sticker will remain for a long time. Today, I'll put a stone in place that says "hope."

Check out the trees in front of our house! We call them Stick Trees. Some trim job, eh? This is the first time in many years that we've been able to see the house from the street. The Rock garden is planted with shade plants, which are now in the sun. Oh well!

I wanted to share two, no, three, things that make me happy. I've been helping my friend Amy at her new shop (Alchemy, in Carytown) and she has the coolest things. So, I had to shop (this from ME, the non-shopper!) I got this little clutch purse made from kimono fabric, perfect for when we go salsa dancing and I only want to carry a few things. Then I got a holder for my cell phone, made from recycled polyester. I decorated it with some charms and an owl pin (which reminded me of Hedwig) and I use it when I walk the dog, when I want only my phone, a piece of ID, money for the newspaper. It attaches to my purse strap, too, where I can find it easily. Amy said I'd love it and I do.

I knit my self some wrist warmers this weekend. I'd made some before but these turned out the best and the yarn feels so good. It's merino wool. Now if the weather only would get's going to be 80F (26C) today and tomorrow.


Crafty Mama said...

The clutch is beautiful! I love the bead embellishment. Your friend does wonderful work.

Mica said...

I am placing my order for a pair of those arm warmers actually can buy a few to give to friends, as well?

iamthegenerator said...

you're the best!