Friday, October 05, 2007

Pickles and toes.

Two disparate images, eh? This is the jar of pickles that we bought at the fair last Sunday. It's one of those big canning jars so we're glad that we like the pickles. Lots of pickles.

On Tuesday, I walked around the nieghborhood with Smitty ...paying my bill at the dentist, stopping in at the frame shop to see Jude's new glass work, checking in at Red, one of the many hair cutting shops on Robinson St, to see if they did pedicures. I had in mind to pamper my feet. My last pedicure was for my birthday last July, and the blue polish had held up really well. However, I needed pampering and a change of color. Red didn't do nails but they referred me to the Hair Theater further down the street. Yes, they did nails, and yes, I could get an appointment for Wednesday. Smitty got lots of attention at the dentist's office and the hair places. He enjoyed the petting and the oohs and ahs. He's a very cute dog. And don't my toes looks cute? The violet polish is so perfect for the fall.


JB said...

mmmm... pickles.
This reminded me how badly I need a pedicure. Hope all is going well. Enjoying the blog and LOVE the mini collages.

diana cavanaugh said...

for most of my life ive been a dill pickle lover, but bread and butter pickles are starting to warm up to me.

Le Synge Bleu said...

next time lets go together and have a little girl time- they look great!