Saturday, September 15, 2007


I get such a sinking feeling when I see the shelf has been cleaned off each day. What does this mean? There had been three white ribbon "Xs" glued to the pole, one of them has now been peeled off. Today, I left three plastic bags, one on the shelf with a message in it, one with a note card I made, hung on a nail on the pole, one was something that I got at the art-o-mat event, which I hung on another nail. Tomorrow, I expect the shelf to be empty. No one wants to play with me any more! Waaaa.


DAWN said...

aaahhh, so sad. What is going on?

Mica said...

hmmm... sounds like someone's playing but their not playing fair!! you need to set up a vigil and nab the 'elf stealer!