Sunday, September 23, 2007

Elflog update

I have Saturday and Sunday morning photos of the shelf to share with you, plus a photo showing how the shelf is located near the bus stop, and also, the BIG news - what I learned on Saturday morning.

A neighbor, who lives on that side of the block with the shelf, saw me taking a photo Saturday morning, and said “Isn’t it a shame?” I thought “oh boy, she's the one who cleans off the shelf.” She then told me how she found the “Make Art Not War” in the gutter and put it back on the pole, as well as returning other items she finds tossed down. She said “I put this here,” pointing to a red leaf. She went on to say “some mean person is doing this.” True! When I told her I was photographing it regularly, she said that she was, too. I asked if she knew about the shelf itself; here’s what she told me…some man put it up to hold his coffee cup while waiting for the bus. When he got on the bus he’d leave his cup there. Wow! I never saw a cup there! This was amazing news to me. How does she know this? Next time I see her, I’ll ask if she saw the construction of the shelf. This is getting even more interesting. I’ve started dating my contributions (the paper ones) and writing “Elflog” on them. Now that I know there is another “friend of the shelf” I’m feeling supported in continuing the effort of placing surprises on it.


DAWN said...

Wow, the story unfolds. . . very good. That is really kinda cool about why the shelf was originally constructed.

April Fool said...

Hi Mim. Thanks for your comment. I wasn't sure where to reply to you so I thought i'd put it on your most recent post. Wow! You have done alot of blogging! I'm impressed! You have some cool photos on your page too! :-)