Monday, September 10, 2007

Dinner and some español

We were planning to have dinner at Amadeus but it was closed! We walked down Fortaleza, but many places were closed ...hmmm.. Monday night low The places that were open didn't interest us. We ended up at Istanbul, the only Turkish restaurant in Puerto Rico. We had a tasty dinner. Carlos B had a chicken plate and I had an assortment of appetizers, which was perfect for me. Funny to have Turkish food on our last night in San Juan! So here is a list of some of the language I learned and used: cerebro esta lleno, hipocondriaco, las nubes, coqui, para lavarse mis manos, preferisco sintheticos (sp,) esta lejos, and more but I can't remember anymore. This was a pretty fabulous, unexpected holiday. Tomorrow, we'll have a few hours to explore a little more before heading to the airport. Hasta la proxima vez.

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