Sunday, May 20, 2007

The shelf revisited

In a previous post, I showed the little shelf that someone had attached to the light pole by the bus stop around the corner from our house. It was empyy for a long time, then I started to put stones on it. After the shooting at Virginia Tech, I started to write words or phrases on stones and tiles, and place them on the shelf, where they could be taken by passers-by or people waiting for a bus. They would be gone; sometimes, tiny flowers would appear. Once a single silver earring was on the shelf briefly. Lost, then found, maybe. Yesterday morning, I had the biggest treat. I found this little wire "thanks" on the shelf. Wow! someone left me something. This morning, I put up a stone saying "you're welcome." One other thing, the tiles and stones get rearranged by somebody, or somebodies. This is such fun! Sort of like the old PostcardX, Found, and Postsecret.


Craige said...

This is fascinating! Keep us posted on the shelf's happenings.

Mica said...

yes, More Shelf!
i love it!

Amblus said...

Fascinating! I love stuff like that. Please keep us updated!


Lisa said...

So interesting, and to be redundant.. extremely fascinating! What happens next?