Monday, May 21, 2007

Meeting up with Nancy

Today, I met up with Nancy Brand to have some lunch and show her the lapis lazuli beads that I'd bought in Paris last fall. Nancy makes wonderful beaded jewelry, so I thought she'd appreciate seeing the beads. By the way, check out her site, which doesn't do her work justice. We met at the new New York deli, see the yummy really good veggie sandwich, where I showed her my beads. I'm so happy, she's going to be able to create a necklace for me. I didn't think she'd have time to do that. I only thought to show her the beads. Woo hoo, happy me. I've been very excited about these beads. They're from that amazing bead shop, which I posted about last fall. I'd been intrigued by lapis lazuli after reading about it in the Victoria Finlay book, Color, the Natural History of the Palette. Ultramarine paint originally was made from this stone. Now we use synthetic ultramarine pigment. Orange is the complement of blue, so on the walk home, I was drawn to this orange object and was amused to see these little kids shoes by the no parking notice.

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