Friday, May 11, 2007

The Couture Doll Bed

While out walking Smitty dog, this morning, I noticed that my neighbor friend, Tricia was in her little showroom/shop. We chatted for awhile and I got to see her creations up close, having only seen them on her new website. They are so lovely. Her fabrics are like something in a Matisse painting, exotic in a way, very lush. Even if you aren't a doll person, check out her web site, The Couture Doll Bed, and pass it along to everyone. Okay, a little marketing going on here, but really, her work is beautiful and her husband makes the beds. The work is all handmade, which is fabulous. If you are in Richmond, you should take a stroll over and see them in person. It almost makes me want to buy a doll, then buy it a bed!!

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