Sunday, December 10, 2006

Toulouse, art museum

The contemporary art museum in Toulouse is in an old slaughter house that has been fabulously renovated. I love that they had windows looking out onto their grounds. They were in the process of installing a new exhibition so only the upstairs galleries were open. A large group of little boys and girls were coming in right behind us, uh oh, we headed quickly to the bathrooms to make sure we got their before them...race those kids for a stall. As I was coming out of the stall, 2 little girls were pushing to get in. "Arretez" I said, bending towards them, "je depart, vous entrez, comprennez?" or something to that effect. "Oui, madame" they said. Otherwise, I'd have been in a stall with two little French girls. The exhibit was very interesting. Pieces from Africa, the south Pacific, and asian countries along with pieces of work from the permanent collection. Really visually stunning. There was only one piece of written information about the gallery owner who donated his collection of artifacts, that was it, nothing to tell us where the pieces came from or what they may have been used for. I would have liked some information about that. There was a small group of people with visual impairments touching and holding pieces with the help of museum staff. That was really nice to see. We left the museum very satisfied with having walked all that way. On the way back across the river, we stopped at a bakery and bought a variety of pastries to bring back to Bezier. When we got to the train station, we stood, with many others, craning our necks up at the board, to see which trains were being cancelled...not ours, so we got back to Beziers without any problem, at 8:20p.m. More than a day would have been nice, another time hopefully. Oh, the Canal du Midi runs right in front of the train station. That was cool to see.

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