Sunday, December 31, 2006

au revoir Paris

Well, the trip is over...images all what will I blog about!? Hmmm. This is my last lunch. Delicious moules from Noirmoutier at a little local cafe on rue St. Antoine within view of the Eglise St. Paul. They were the best. Our little hotel had sweet views up and down the street. We could see the sign and beyond it, rue de Rivoli. Up to the right, rue des mauvais garcons becomes rue de moussy and La Poste is right up the street. You know me and my love of post offices. It was a wonderful time, I miss Paris, le Marais, the Cite, long walks with lots to see, and am hoping for a return stay next year. In the meantime, what to blog?

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craigemorsels said...

Sure it's not Paris, but there certainly must be interesting things to blog about in your neck of the woods, no?