Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Back to Paris

Lucky us, really, really lucky us...we get to go back to Paris and spend 5 days more in our favorite neighborhood. The train ride on the TGV was FAST but couldn't resist taking a couple photos. We returned to the little Hotel, called le Grand Hotel du Loiret, on the rue des mauvais garcons (Street of the bad boys!) where N & J had stayed. We had a room overlooking the OOPS! store with it's cool home objects. We arrived at the Gare de Lyon about 5 p.m. and after dropping our luggage off at the hotel, went to the laundramat and fun thing, we saw Diane, who we knew from the Cite. Then another time, we saw Ala, and then one nght while taking a walk at night, Johan came up behind us (scared us half to death) and invited back to his studio for wine and to see his new paintings. Such FUN! Felt like we'd come home, and here's our favorite Paris symbol.

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