Tuesday, December 19, 2006

musee quai branly, Paris

The new museum of...what? anthropology? Ethnology? We had heard about the new museum quai branly and knew that the building itself was supposed to be interesting and one either loved it or hated it. The contents of the museum were drawn from the musee de l'homme and the old museum of Oceania and Africa that was out by the bois de Vincennes. We went there on Sunday but found the crowd to get in daunting. Instead of waiting in line, we crowded into the gift/book shop and got claustrophobic. We decided to stay outside and look at the building, the garden and the building with the gardon ON it. The latter was our favorite part of the museum. We pretty much felt that it was architecturally confusing with no clear intent. I'd like to have seen the inside to find out how they used the space. There was a nice reflection of the building on the windows of a building behind the museum, and we had good views of the Eiffel tower. I liked taking the picture of myself in the window with the reflection of the trees. Next trip, I'm going inside!

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