Monday, October 02, 2017

End of one project, start of another - the letters

 Here they are, all of the letters that I wrote since my previous post the beginning of Sept.

I think the only ones that I didn't have photos of were the first three envelopes. But hey! I got all the rest.

The adresses are obscured for obvious reasons.

I've heard from three people so far, via e-mail, ha ha ha, thanking me for writing to them. Sweet.

Here are the last three of the month. Whew! That was fun. And I enjoyed making note cards using either one of my collages or one of the grand-girl's drawings.

I hope they brought smiles to the recipients.
Here are four more, out of numerical order because I don't know how to move images around without starting over.

But that's not important.
I just wanted to share with you and to encourage you to reach out to people you haven't heard from in awhile, haven't seen or spoken to, or have only met on-line through one of your social media groups. It's really important to connect or stay connected. Really.

And here's another plug - It's not too late to join me in Creative Sprint. We're two days into it, but you can still join. Go to the link HERE.


Pamela Gerard said...

I loved my mail from MIM and I answered by mail (of course!).

Limner said...

Responding via e-mail is too funny to be sad. Perhaps the recipients were too excited to wait for the mail. :) I hope so anyway.

mim said...

I did receive two letters via postal service in response to the month of letter writing. When I decided on the project, a condition for myself was, no expectation of responses.