Tuesday, September 05, 2017

New Project for September

So I decided that I am going to write a note or letter every day the month of September. This will prepare me for participating in the October #CreativeSprint.

So far, so good. But then it's only day 5. I've sent mail to Morocco, Canada, California, New Hampshire, and Florida.

I even made some note cards using one of my SMILE collages.

Now for my pitch - Join me in the #CreativeSprint.  Sign up. It's easy. You'll get a prompt in your e-mail box everyday for a month. You can choose to do it or not, but doing it daily is an amazing practice. Anyone can join. It's an international art game, sort of. It will change your perceptions, make you less anxious, buoy your spirits, reveal amazing things about your creativity, and you'll make a lot of new on-line friends all around the world. Really, it's amazing. It's free. Anyone can participate. Young, old, classrooms, schools, businesses, social groups. Do it. Join me. Please.

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