Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Therapeutic endeavors!

two tote bags

a couple more tote bags

dreaming of fishes
Because of the political turmoil in the U.S., I'm feeling the need to do things that are therapeutic, like making Mail Art, and sewing bags. They're both meditative activities for me.  Plus I get to use up fabric that's been hanging around, and scraps of paper and cardboard, so all good.
following along

another bag

The partial eclipse shadow

The odd eclipse sky

The eclipse was seen partially in our part of the country and, even at 86% or whatever, it was pretty phenomenal. The sky turned an interesting color, the light changed to something eerie, and not describable.

Fishy tale
The sweet thing was the people came together to appreciate the event in impromptu gatherings. We went to the park near us. People shared their eclipse glasses and exclaimed at the crescents in the tree shadows. Marveling at the light change, and even a slight temperature difference that was noticeable. Oh for a sweet few moments, we were all friendly and neighborly. It buoyed my spirits considerably.

And I hope that my Mail Art recipients' spirits are lifted by receiving something fun in their mail box.

Hope you share some neighborly moments or get some good mail.

Hugs for everyone.


Limner said...

Oh, Mim, you noticed it too--how nice the people were--how utterly well behaved and acting like the kin we totally are. I watched on the news people weeping, laughing, weeping AND laughing, and being patient and kind, not getting drunk and rowdy, and my heart nearly broke it's bounds of constraint. Well, it did 'cause I teared up at others tearing and undiluted, unreserved joy. There's hope. :)

I like those bags! I bought fabric, sketched designs, and now my hands want nothing to do with sewing machines. Time heals though. :)

I dreamed of cats. Lots of cats came into a room; the first was grey and white, then came a succession of dark gray cats with tufted ears. JC lifted the last on before it slinked through the partial opened bedroom door and disappeared under our daughter's bed. I exclaimed in amazement, "They're feral!" The best behaved feral felines I'd ever seen. :)

Your mail art still intrigues and entertains me.

Here's a link to the first such shadows I've seen:

Be well.

Limner said...

Want to share this with you:

mim said...

Thanks for the link, Limner. I know what you mean about sewing. I went on hiatus from my sewing machine for 3/4 of a year. I'm back to it now, obviously.