Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Creative Sprint - the new daily project for October

Day 1 - something to fit in your hand
 Creative Sprint has started! Yay, it's fun already.

And here's the notice for all of you out there - you can do this, too.
It's easy, it's free, it's an international art game.

Sign up HERE.

Come on, join me. Use a translator, if you have to, but find out what's going on.
Day 1 - use what's in your immediate environment.

Day 2
What does your name mean or how did you get it.
Day 2 It's a long story

Day 3 Combine two things that don't go together.


Limner said...

Very interesting. I do A Story in a Box, A Letter in a Box, and A Book in a Box, but never in a match box. Interesting. Is that a match box?

mim said...

The box is a gift box, a pair of earrings came in it. One day, the grandgirl wanted to paint something, so I gave her the box which she painted red. I liked the worn look of it.