Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Creative Sprint - I'm sprinting along.

Homage to Josef Albers

Jakarta MicroGralleries
So Creative Sprint is sprinting along, and I'm doing each day as the prompt pops up.

 I can't remember which day that was for, but it was prompted by my remembering how much my art foundation year was so informative to my life as an artist and a teacher.

My profs had been educated by men who immigrated to the U.S. to escape Nazi Germany. They were teachers at the Bauhaus academy and brought their knowledge with them where they could all get teaching or professional jobs. How fortunate for all of us.

My teachers learned from them and passed it along to me. I remember how profound the feeling when I viewed the slides that Josef Albers showed to our Art History class. He was invited by our teacher, Canio Radice (who wore bowties to class and I think might have smoked a cigar.) I don't remember much about Albers, silly 18 year old that I was, but I remember the impact the slides of his projects had on me.

The second photo was taken in Jakarta. The organizer of MicroGalleries enlarged our favorite of my cards, and also made postcard sized copies of it for people to write on. I don't know what they wrote or where they sent them, but isn't this so cool?


Limner said...

That's trebly cool!

Had to Google Albers. I came away with this:

“When you really understand that each color is changed by a changed environment, you eventually find that you have learned about life as well as about color." Josef Albers

Although the quote isn't profound, perhaps it says something about the man? I don't know since I want to dispute it.

I like your "faces" postcards. Thanks for mine! You're different, and different is fresh and interesting.

mim said...

I'm not sure about the life part of the quote, but the interaction of color exercises show how colors changed based on what other colors were around them.