Saturday, November 25, 2017

Be Nice

 A couple images that I was able to pull off my phone. The most recent images don't show up in blogger for me to post. Frustrating, it's just frustrating, but so it goes.

BE NICE is actually a framed tea towel that I saw in a gallery in Paris last month. I didn't note the artist's name and I can't enlarge the photo enough to read the label. Maybe you can.

In any case, I like the admonition. It's especially powerful in our current political climate in the United States.
These legs are from a series that I did at a couple of art exhibits in Paris. I like to sit and watch people and I snap photos of feet. I think that I'll make a book of these, but I never do. I have lots of photos like this that I've taken over the years.

Maybe I'll make a book, someday. or not.

Oh and something very cool to share - My son made a shop where you can buy cool stuff with his cool images on them. Check it out HERE.


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