Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Remember the Shelf? An update.

Some of my readers may get remember the little shelf on a pole, which changed over time to a "Shelter." It's gotten shabby and the kids who added things to it are now pre-teens and teen, and moved on in different directions.

I decided to use a few items from the goodie back that my honey brought me from a NYC exhibit called Take This or something like that. So he took stuff, including, molded plaster take out coffee lids in two sizes, some "coins," a pin of a man's profile in blue and red, some fortune cookies, which I broke open and looked at the "fortunes." Also, a foil emergency blanket in a little plastic bag and part of the poem from the statue of liberty. I put these into the "shelf" and will check it tomorrow to see if things have been removed.

I'm happy the box is still there. I hope it intrigues people, still.

You can see past posts on this item if you search using the tag - shelf or elflog.

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Beanie Mouse said...

Oh I remember the Elf Shelf!!!! Glad it's still there, even if it's rather aged....!