Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Images from Mexico City

Nopales - cactus, which we cut up, fried, & ate
 We stayed in a very modern high rise in Mexico City when we first arrived. Because it was hazy, the mountains surrounding the city couldn't be seen clearly.

 Zinn likes the mirrors in the elevators in the building. She's practice making faces.
 Flowers seen while out on a walk.
 Across the street from the building was the Viveros Coyoacan. A very large park, part of which was used to grow trees and plants that would be planted around the city.
 We walked across this park to get to Frida Kahlo's home.
Plants in pots, gown to be transplanted. There were tiny plants in tiny pots, and large plants and even trees.  The park was full of people jogging, walking, exercising, and even practicing bull fighting poses.

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