Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hello again. Long time, no see.

So, we went to Mexico. We loved it. I got to use the Spanish that I've been studying for years and it worked. I had lots of excellent conversations with people in Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende. We want to return. We've been back for a month now but it seems like we were just there. It was good to be away, for the most part, from the political news in the U.S.

Here are three cards that I made while in Mexico. We were so fortunate to have seen Frida Kahlo's home but I didn't buy the permit to take photos, so I just looked at everything. The top card is my attempt to capture a bit of her studio. The second card is a bit of the roof top terrace over looking San Miguel from where Mica was living. The third shows three of the dresses that we bought Zinn. She said that her favorite thing about Mexico was the dresses.
More to come, once I can figure out how to get my photos from Google Photos. I'm still not doing great using my Chrome Book. I know, the same old same old.

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