Sunday, July 20, 2008

yum! berry tarte!

Last night we had a family pot-luck, which was a really fun thing on such a hot evening, our house was cool and the use of the outdoor grill minimal, some veggie burgers and some non-veggie hotdogs. Interesting food appeared! A refreshing dessert from Phyllis' Ethiopian adventure, a delish quiche from Sara, the fave peanut noodles from Noah and much more... but the really, really big treat of the evening was the blackberry (organic from our berry CSA) tarte made by none other than CHUCK!! The recipe he used was Clothilde's Tarte aux Myrtilles. The picture I took is, what else, blurry, but notice how Chuck's tarte looks just like hers. Why am I making so much of this? Well, Chuck doesn't cook or really know his way around kitchen appliances, but he's doing it. Enjoy!

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