Thursday, July 10, 2008

Market day

While working at the farmers' market, I get my coffee from Alan and his wife, who have a stand across the way. They sell coffee and their own coffee beans, Koralee Coffee. She had on a wonderful hat today and allowed me to take a photo of her in it. Really quite lovely, as were the squash blossoms we had for a special order. They were perfect and beautifully yellow. We had lots of beets and I was so excited by that because I'd wanted to try the chocolate & beet cake recipe that I'd recently downloaded. I'm steaming beets right now so I can prepare the cake later this afternoon. The Armenian cucumber looked a bit like a snake, all it needed were some googly eyes glued on. Shelia said "never name your cucumber or you won't want to cut it up." That made me laugh. The onions added more magenta to our table as did some cabbage which I never got a photo of, oh well, next week. For the recipe for the cake, check my VOX blog, where I'll post it.

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