Friday, July 18, 2008

Purses for Change & Three Cups of Tea

Here are a few of my new change purses, which I'm now calling Purses for Change. If you check my shop, Fritzi, you'll see that I'm donating part of each sale of these to the Three Cups of Tea foundation. If you haven't read that book, I recommend it highly. Here's a photo of Greg Mortenson and some of the children who are benefiting from the schools built by the CAI foundation.
I had a basket full of these for sale at a fundraiser (for Obama) bake sale and sold all but one of the 15! Yay. People seemed to like that they were made from fabric that was "recycled" meaning remnants, cut-offs, sample swatches, etc. would have been tossed in the landfill fabric, which made me feel good and that I'm on the right track with them. I do not want to buy any fabric, missing out on cute current images, but I want to "recycle." I'll stick to this even if sales on Etsy are slooow.

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