Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Knit news

My young neighbor stopped by for some knitting help. She learned to knit in school, which I think is quite fabulous. She bought her yarn at a yard sale. Not only does she knit at age 7, but she is a prudent shopper!


Michael-Birch said...

Hey Mim! It's Michael-Birch. My last computer died and that was where I had all of your contact info stored so I'm writing you on here instead of email. I wanted to email you and tell you about a funny coincidence that happened today at work. I was searching for images of skulls to use in embroideries for our clothing line and I randomly came across skull-a-day. I thought it was really cool and was getting some good ideas for my embroieries when i saw that it was noah's blog. naturally, I had to contact you to tell you how excited i was. do you remember joanna wong from my afo studio class with you? she works with me and since we found that blog, we've been talking all about you and the good ole days of our freshman year.

I'd love to hear from you soon. My new email address is don't be a stranger!

ps~ i see that you're reading The Double by Jose Saramago. Is it good? I'm rereading Blindness right now in preparation for the movie that comes out later this year.

Barbara said...

isn't that the greatest? !