Sunday, February 03, 2008

Me & Ira Glass, This American LIfe

Last night, I got to hear and SEE Ira Glass. It was so terrific. He started his show in the dark, so we heard him like we do on the radio. The audience was silent, we listened as a group, as if we were in our cars or kitchens. It was so cool. He said that he'd requested no lights for the entire show but that was, well, when the lights came on, we were so excited and clapped enthusiastically.
Most everyone in the audience was familiar with This American Life, but a few people had no clue. What an experience. In an hour and a half, we laughed, we learned how to structure a story, and we learned that Ira Glass has an amazing way of bringing people to him. He showed a few minutes of an upcoming show for TAL on ShowTime, which caused a bit of buzz about SHOWTIME .
I'd taken my CD and a Sharpie, just in case Ira would come out and do some autographs, but he'd done two shows in one day, so was understandably tired. Happily, Chuck bought me the two additional CDs that were available; and I did get a picture with Ira.


Juli said...

How fantastic! I listen to podcasts of TAL... what a wonderful show.

craige said...

Wow! I'm so jealous!

JB said...

how cool. I love him!