Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Shelf news

When I returned home I was anxious to check the shelf but waited until my morning walk. It had rained and I wondered if that effected anything on the shelf. I found an assortment of stones, including the tiny one in the bottle cap and a small game card. Yesterday morning, I added the small rubber duck (which someone in my spanish class had given out to all of us.) You can see that the card and bottle cap are gone. This morning, the duck is still there, but stones have been taken. The mornings have been so sunny, check out how the background is so white. I've had several suggestions about what to call the shelf log, see previous posting, and am still not settled on a name. What do you think of ..'elflog? Too cute? I'm open to more suggestions.

1 comment:

alrdesign said...

I like that "elflog" implies that there are little elves taking items from and placing items on the shelf!