Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Exciting turtle news

We've had some exciting news...our neighbor saw the turtle from the yard next to his, busy digging a hole in his yard. He's spotted the turtle, several times over the past weeks, in the alley. He kept replacing it in it's yard but it kept traveling. The digging explained it. The turtle was looking for a nesting spot. What did she choose?... basically a construction site. Work is being done in the yard. She laid four eggs, with Jessica the cat observing some of the time. Our neighbor covered the nest with mulch and is hoping it'll stay safe from the construction workers, and the heat or lack of moisture or whatever it is that threatens a turtle nest. If the eggs hatch, I want one of the babies for MY yard. If you have any experience with turtles like this, let me know. Will the eggs hatch? What do baby turtles need? Will mama turtle come check on them? Oh, the drama right across the alley. (photos by Dick K.)


JB said...

This si great! I hope you get a baby turtle. Keep us all updated.

Juli said...

How cool is that?!?!? I hope all the little babies hatch well!

Craige said...

Love the photos, esp. the one with the cat! That turtle looks exactly like ours and she is a red-eared slider. Google it to see if you agree. They are aquatic turtles, so keep an eye to see if this one hangs out near any water sources. They need to be in water to be able to eat. (They just need it to be able to swallow, I think, so they don't have to be submerged.)