Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring Bada Bing and

The Richmond Craft Mafia held their Spring Bada Bing today. What a terrific event. Lots of crafts people, not only from Richmond, but from lots of other places. Adrien and Kate are in their Keen booth (they're among the founders of the mafia) and Tere and Jessica are at My Precious Studio's booth. Mary (top) & Anda (bottom) came down to represent Etsy. They're with the Etsy Lab in Brooklyn. Many of the crafts people present have Etsy shops. It was lively, lovely, well-attended and hopefully a financial success for these fabulous young people making lots of really good stuff. Buy handmade!

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Tere said...

Thanks for supporting us and for bringing me snacks! You know, you've won one of the gift certificates...woohoo
xoxo tere