Friday, April 06, 2007

Artist Trading Cards

A colleague of mine asked me to come talk with his class about Artist Trading Cards. I did that this morning and it was such fun to share my collection of cards with the students. One of them had been a student of mine last year. She's very much involved in making and trading cards herself, so the two of us were double the ATC love. Here is an image of some cards that were in a show I curated and a group of some of my cards. I started with ATCs about 3 or or 4 years ago after learning about them on the old PostcardX. Since that time, I've been lucky enough to get a card in a book and more amazingly, to meet the initiator of ATCs, M. Vanci Stirnemann. You can see my picture with him in my Nov. archive. Type Artist Trading Card into your browser and see what you get. Check out the sites, make some cards, trade them, get others to do it, trade some more. Make tiny art!


Mica said...

What a beautiful collection!

Craige said...

These are gorgeous. For some reason I could never get into ATCs.