Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pink Martini

We were so excited...last night, we got to see & hear Pink Martini in person. They performed with the Richmond Symphony Pops orchestra. Wow, were they GOOD!! We swayed, bobbed our heads, clapped, tapped our toes, and kept from singing along (okay, so I did softly sing along with Sympathique) (and my niece and I softly sang along with Yolanda.) Their new album will be out mid May, can't wait to own it. I was sorry I didn't wait for an autograph but the line was long and they hadn't even appeared in the lobby yet. My niece and I did get t-shirts. I wore mine today and met the woman who sat next to the groupie who'd come down from New York. He was waving his arms to certain songs, and when Chine Forbes offered up some CDs, he was first down to the front....and then many people went forward to the front and danced. How fabulous is that!?

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Adrien said...

Thanks Mim! We had a great day yesterday in part because of community suppport. Thanks for the nice write-up!