Tuesday, April 03, 2007

random art & more

I found another little painting in my neighborhood. It's near a day care place. A woman passing by as I was taking the photo said that she thought it was sweet and we should have more of these around. Great! I have no idea how long this one will last, of course. This curious little shelf, attached to a light pole, had nothing on it for a couple weeks. I put a stone on it. I've noticed that the stone moved around over a period of a few days and now the stone is gone. The shelf remains. Who put it there? Why did they put it there? Hmmm. I saw these tulips on my walk in to teach at VCU on Monday and snapped the picture on my way home. All of the tree wells around this corner house are filled with tulips. They are so beautiful and as I pass each time, I silently thank the home owners for giving me such beauty.

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