Sunday, February 03, 2019


Rubber stamping on an Add and Pass mail art piece.

I've so many other things to put up here but I can't find the images to add them to my blog. This has been a problem since using the Chrome Book. Oh the Mac was so easy, but I was not wanting to spend so much money to replace my old MacBook. Waaa. I opted for a Toshiba Chrome Book, which if you only want to do e-mails and keep documents and do google searches, it just fine. But for other things, I'm just not learning how to do them on this. oh well.

Anyway, here's a visual. And don't forget to send some Tea related Mail Art to my friend. You have until 14 February.
Send family friendly, of course, to CaryTown Teas at 2517 w. Cary St. Richmond, VA 23220  USA
Patricia and Misty will love receiving you mail and it'll be on display at the shop.

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