Tuesday, February 12, 2019

New Mail Art collages

Circles at hand #11 2019
This one went to someone in the U.K. who joined my circles group on IUOMA.

#13 2019
This one I wrote a long caption - Something like this: The appearance of the large painting disturbed the tranqility of the lake. The observers were quite perplexed.

Ha ha ha

#14 2019 

Entered in a Mail Art Exhibit

For #14, I wrote something like, the postage stamps fell to earth like blades, causing dismay.
This was an not a natural phenomenon. I sent it to someone in Belgium so I wrote the caption in French.

ha ha ha

The freaking looking animal creature, was made for an exhibit about fakes, frauds, or something like that, in New Hampshire.

I amuse myself with these collage Mail Art pieces. Do they make you laugh?

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