Saturday, September 17, 2016

Using a new computer!

I've gone ChromeBook! There's some learning needed to be able to figure things out as there's no manual, but there are, fortunately for me, lots of things on the internet to help me. People are so generous to put up reviews, and how to do its, and I'm grateful for their time. There was even a page about how to blog using ChromeBook. It was a bit complicated but I'm learning.
Here's my first attempt to add a photo. Can I do it? Let's see -   I DID IT!!
I had to learn where the images that I took are, since they're not on my desktop on this machine.

So, here's my first attempt on this machine - a photo of some morning glories that I took on Friday at the Virginia Museum of Art, as I was going to Zona espanola. My Spanish language social group, where we laugh a lot. And I"m happy about this post, too.

Besides the challenge to be minimal, as in my previous post, there's the challenge of learning something new. I'm happy that I can! And I'm fortunate that my challenges are this minimal.

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Beanie Mouse said...

I got my Chromebook a couple of years ago and I really like it!!! Still a lot of stuff that I probably don't know but for blogging & keeping in touch, it's working out really well for me!!! Welcome to the world of Google Chrome!