Monday, September 05, 2016

More funny faces and other stuff.


 I hope that these face make you smile.

They amuse me and I made them!

Which is your favorite?


It's interesting how the space between the eyes and the mouth changes the expression, right?  Why don't you make some and show them to me. I'll include them on my blog, if you'd like.

I did some pages out of old books for a "call" from Greece.  Here they are - Can you see the different languages I had available to use? This was a lot of fun. I hope Dimitra like them.

To Germany
Some one sent me information about a "call" to send to a show in Berlin. I scanned bits from my e-mail collages. These are the collages that I don't glue down so they change over and over again. I scanned in black and white on sturdy stock, then added old postage stamps.  It turned out pretty good. I'm pleased with it.

Today is a national holiday in the U.S. so mail will have to wait until tomorrow to be sent off across the planet.

It's also Monday, so I posted on Facebook with my MAM - Mail Art Monday project. I posted #124, in case you aren't on the social media.

I urge people to make some mail art. It's easy. Look at my faces, only two or three pieces of paper. Send them to someone. They'll smile. The world will be a better place. Really.


Hagitha Krystal said...

I'm enjoying your faces. My favorite out of this group is #122. I'm going to make you a face! :)

chris said...

Love your faces & your sense of humour