Saturday, September 17, 2016

Having fun with minimal and small collages


 With this series, I wanted to be minimal and see if I could use only 2 or at most 3 pieces of paper.
I decided to add a circle to #130 and several to #133 while still keeping the minimal feeling.

There's a challenge to myself to see if I can create a good composition with very little.
 Do you set up any challenges for yourself?


Here's an opportunity to participate in a global art game. Creative Sprint starts again on October 1. Sign up at here: and participate.
 It's a lot of fun.
It's free.
People all over the world are doing it. School groups, businesses, individuals, friends, families. It challenges and sparks creativity. Even if you think you aren't creative, you ARE!
Join this event. If you can't do every daily prompt, don't, if you can't finish, stop. But at least, start. You'll get a lot out of it.

And here's the cover of the book, which will be released in the spring of 2017. Disclosure - my offspring wrote it!

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Hagitha Krystal said...

I'm enjoying your collages. Sometimes less is more.
I'm so happy, I received one from you! I'm going to post it on IUOMA and my blog soon. :)