Saturday, July 16, 2016

The usual and the not so usual.


 The usual is that I'm posting Mail Art and eMail Art. The not so usual is that I'm sharing some feelings that I'm having these days.

This #102 was done for our national holiday, independence day, the 4th of July. For me, it represented my sad feelings for all of the things that have happened recently - killings, terrorist acts, natural disasters, coups, that go on and on.

So what can I do? Just hanging out being sad is so pointless and doesn't help, does it? No, of course, not.

So, besides sending out Mail Art and e-Mail Art into the world making people's mail boxes brighter, I'm going to be extra mindful of staying calm, noticing what is good, giving complements freely, and being kind however I can. Hoping that I can spread a little brightness.

Meanwhile, #103 looks like the sky is weeping over a lake and a drab landscape. Oh, well.

I took two of my piles of cut outs that i'd been doing e-Mail Art with and put them on my scanner and printed them out. But, alas, the printer was being un-cooperative and the prints had lines. BUT, I cut them up into standard postcard sizes and added circles.


Voila, they look okay! I like them.  The lines actually added something interesting to the prints.

I'm still going to do hard-copy mail art, but this e-mail art thing is taking hold. Maybe, because of the idea that people have so much paper to deal with, archives, I don't know. But what I do know is - I like cutting out stuff from magazines, and I like making piles of it, and I like moving it around and taking photos of it with my smarty-pants phone.


Summer time

 The summer time piece has been a lot of fun. I put a found photo (in an envelope marked 1980, that I inherited from a deceased friend) on an image of an O'Keefe painting torn from Art in America magazine, and then put a magnifying glass on top to hold it in place.  I've photographed it with the photo in different locations on the painting, and the magnifying glass in different places on the photo.
 When the photo is enlarged, the viewer (you) can see what is under the glass.

Fun! I'm having such fun. And people that have receives it as an e-Mail Art have responded positively to it.

I've an idea, send me your e-mail address, if I don't have it already, and I'll send you e-Mail Art!
Here's our Grand-girl, Miss Z. She makes me laugh and feel good about everything! Here she is painting in a little book that La Marquesa made for her. We were using tube water colors that a friend gave me for her to use. She wanted to use them all us at once and ended up making a big finger (hand) painting on the inside of an opened up cracker box.
The results - meh, the process - priceless.

She's mi corazon!

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Pamela Gerard said...

oh! Hope you won't give up the real thing. I have to say I rather get mail in my mail box than my in-mail box but maybe that's just me. And thanks for the origami wallet sample you made -- happy to see you mastered it.