Friday, July 01, 2016

The day before My birthday! Mail Art catch up.









You can see a variety of ideas and realizations this post, with Inktense pencil fun, altered cards, collages. For #99 I used part of a show card from our friend Keith Long, sculptor, where I added a face, an arm, and boots. I have such fun altering his sculptures.  You can see that #94 and #101 are two parts of the same card. In one, it was the shape that governed my placements decisions and in the other, it was the color.  #100 was a card someone sent me, a Keri Smith card, meant to be added to.

Any favorites? Let me kmow.

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Anonymous said...

I like #99 a lot! It's rather creepy & reminds me of that character in Twin Peaks! Love your collages! bb