Monday, July 25, 2016

Staying indoors - heat advisory!



 Last week, I was away from home for a few days with my Mail Art traveling kit. I took a few things with me - some circles, some black paper, a butterfly.

I picked up a brochure while away and cut little figures out of it. Perfect for Mail Art, right?


Some action going on here.  A pet sphere going out for a walk?

Nice striped dress!
My favorite thing, making - creating the illusion of transparency. Upper left.  What do you think? 

I had this face in my kit, from a brochure I got at VMFA. Did I make it a bit mysterious?

Here's mi corazon. Yesterday, she was in my studio, staying cool, cause we've got A/C. She took out a bunch of my old rubber stamps and made some art for me. She made paths and connections, she told me. She had a lot of fun and even used my date stamp when I told her what it was.


phonelady said...

your grandsugar is a budding artist ....good job ms mim .

Andy Hoang said...

Miss Z is great!